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Reflecting Back on a Monumental 2013, and Looking Ahead to a Meaningful 2014

Every year around this time, we reflect back on the year’s accomplishments and recognize our team and our customers for contributing to our success. This year was an eventful one for us and we couldn’t have done it without the dedication of our staff, as well as the trust ... » Read More

APSCU 2013 Highlights

We’ve been back a little over a week now from another successful APSCU Annual Convention, which has been just enough time to digest the wealth of information, the candid conversations, and the increasingly positive tone on the exhibit floor. Let’s face it, with shrinking budgets and increased regulatory demands, ... » Read More

APSCU Session: What Motivates a Student to Enroll?

By Joel Borgmeier So as you likely read in our last post, we thought our blog was a great stage to share content from our APSCU sessions with those who may have missed our presentations, or even those who attended but wanted to dive into the details on your ... » Read More

1 High-Energy Booth + 2 Informational Breakout Sessions = 3 Productive Days at APSCU

The 2013 APSCU Annual Convention is right around the corner – the premier industry event for us to meet with private sector colleges and universities, network with our partners, and present to an eager crowd. We have two insightful sessions planned for this year, and are lucky enough to ... » Read More

How Does Your School Compare on Remarketing Strategies?

At Datamark, we know that remarketing works. It can have a tremendous, not to mention cost effective, impact on enrollment. A significant number of our customers have been able to prioritize previous inquiries, consistently and effectively reach out to these prospective students, and ultimately see them start in school. ... » Read More

Do You Know What Motivates Prospective Students to Enroll?

Let’s face it, the more you know about your prospective students’ thought process during the enrollment process, the more likely you are to engage them at each step along the way, from the initial idea to further their education, through research, selection, application and enrollment. Ask yourself, why do ... » Read More

Don’t Miss Our Two Presentations at APSCU

It’s that time of year again when nearly 1500 people from hundreds of private sector schools will gather to network, discuss the future of the industry and learn how they can better serve their students. This year, Datamark was selected to moderate two interactive panels at the APSCU Annual ... » Read More

APSCU Misrepresentation Guidance: Datamark’s View

On October 11, APSCU published guidance for its membership on “The Misrepresentation Rule and Third-Party Vendors.” We congratulate APSCU on the publication of this very comprehensive treatment of a very complex topic, particularly its holistic review of the federal and state regulatory issues beyond “Substantial Misrepresentation” that education marketers ... » Read More