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Helix Education Brings More Consistent, Proactive Monitoring to All CPL Clients

Online inquiry generation continues to be one of the most effective ways for schools to connect with prospective students. That said, there is far more scrutiny over online enrollment practices than ever. Our clients have a lot at stake, which is exactly why we are now automatically performing deeper ... » Read More

Inquiry Generation Trends – How Will They Impact Your Practices?

Enrollment marketing is anything but predictable right now, due in large part to economic, demographic and regulatory shifts. Yet enrollment marketers can’t ignore these factors. In our conversations with lead sellers and lead buyers, four recurring themes seem to dominate the space: quality, pricing, conversion and attribution. In our ... » Read More

Our Three New eBooks Can Help you Navigate the Four Stages of the Student Life Cycle

Find. Enroll. Retain. Teach. It’s our mantra here at Helix Education, and everything we do revolves around helping you do these things better. Whether our expertise comes from years of experience working with schools, or right from our colleagues who used to be on the school-side of the business ... » Read More

Four Key Themes Impacting Inquiry Generation This Year

The enrollment marketing industry is anything but predictable right now, marked by economic swings, stricter regulations, demographic shifts, and changing consumer behaviors. There is a lot consider, and a lot weighing on the minds of education marketers. In our new white paper, “Finding the Right Students: Four Key Trends ... » Read More

Introducing the First eBook in our Student Life Cycle Series

As you likely know if you’ve followed our transformation to Helix Education over the last several months, we’ve structured our solutions along the student life cycle to help you more effectively find, enroll, retain and teach students. Data flows through from one stage to the next, allowing you to ... » Read More

Watch Our Recent Webinar: The 4 Things You Need to Know About Effectively Using Paid Search

Did you miss our recent webinar hosted by Today’s Campus? Watch it here to discover the importance of search, its role within a full-funnel marketing plan, various PPC strategies, and overspending pitfalls to avoid. You can also download our recent paid search white paper to learn more about maximizing ... » Read More

Why Remarketing Makes Sense for Your School

Does the thought of losing 25% of the potential value of your enrollment marketing dollars cause you concern? It should, but it doesn’t have to. Our remarketing campaigns, a communication strategy to engage unconverted student inquiries, result in a 20-30% lift in enrollment rates for our clients. If you ... » Read More

Understanding the Changing Regulations, and Managing the Burden of Proof

We’ve reached a point in higher education where change has become the new norm, at least from a regulatory standpoint. And as we point out in our new article, “Keeping up with New Regulations, Compliance and Risk,” this change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  After all, the changing rules ... » Read More

Introducing Our New Lead Confidence Toolkit

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  I buy it, for the most part, especially when you think about it in terms of our new Lead Confidence Toolkit. All of our lead management and compliance solutions have value in their own right.  But when ... » Read More

Top Three Happenings from the World of CPL and Traditional Media that May Impact Your Business

Part one of Three: Response integration and attribution Staying on top of the trends and happenings with regards to CPL and media is a key priority for us at Datamark. We’ve compiled a three-part series that feature observations which may be key to your future marketing plans as you ... » Read More