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Why Remarketing Makes Sense for Your School

Does the thought of losing 25% of the potential value of your enrollment marketing dollars cause you concern? It should, but it doesn’t have to. If you haven’t considered remarketing before, now is the time. In fact, only a very small percentage of schools have a rules-based inquiry nurturing ... » Read More

Will We be Seeing You at LeadsCon?

The annual LeadsCon event is right around the corner, and if you are at all involved in lead generation for your institution, this event is chalk full of great ideas and insight. We’ll have a team exhibiting at the conference, and welcome the opportunity to connect with you.  You ... » Read More

Understanding the Changing Regulations, and Managing the Burden of Proof

We’ve reached a point in higher education where change has become the new norm, at least from a regulatory standpoint. And as we point out in our new article, “Keeping up with New Regulations, Compliance and Risk,” this change isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  After all, the changing rules ... » Read More

Introducing Our New Lead Confidence Toolkit

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  I buy it, for the most part, especially when you think about it in terms of our new Lead Confidence Toolkit. All of our lead management and compliance solutions have value in their own right.  But when ... » Read More

Top Three Happenings from the World of CPL and Traditional Media that May Impact Your Business

Part one of Three: Response integration and attribution Staying on top of the trends and happenings with regards to CPL and media is a key priority for us at Datamark. We’ve compiled a three-part series that feature observations which may be key to your future marketing plans as you ... » Read More

EduPortal Trends Heard Far and Loud at LeadsCon

Having returned recently from LeadsCon, I can’t help but think back on the conversations our media team had with education marketers and how their challenges and opportunities translate into trends that we believe will impact the sector in the months and years ahead. Based on what we heard, here ... » Read More

Is your brand getting in the way of your marketing?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet.”   – William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) One of the central tenets of any marketing plan is to increase brand awareness. You want potential buyers, or in the case of education, potential ... » Read More

New Year and New Outlook on CPL and EDU Portals: Media Days Take-Away #2

As we come to the next part in our series on the changing landscape of CPL and EDU Portals, let’s talk about our second key finding from the group of CPL vendors who participated in our Media Days event. Insight #2: As predicted, there has been a significant sorting ... » Read More

Headlines from LeadsCon

The annual LeadsCon event hit Las Vegas recently and turned out an insightful crowd of people.  I joined several of my Datamark colleagues for the event, and it again proved to be a productive opportunity to meet with clients and leaders in internet lead generation to discuss trends, innovation and ... » Read More

Looking Ahead to Lead Volume, Cost and Quality

As we look to the future of the lead generation environment, we need to take into consideration both economic and regulatory drivers.  To what extent will these factors, along with new technology, influence lead volume, lead cost and lead quality in the months and years to come? We recently ... » Read More